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Pre-Construction and Design Support

The process of design development is a collaborative effort to articulate your aesthetic and functional vision.

Approvals & Budgeting

Osborne + Storey practices a meticulous attention to all aspects of our projects that require approval. In the pre-construction process, we examine all potential issues of access, water rights, entitlements and subsurface conditions to ensure the most efficient building process. Osborne + Storey assesses each facet of the home’s plan so that we can provide an accurate and detailed budget to the homeowner. As a division of Osborne Construction, Osborne + Storey has more resources than a typical residential builder, including estimating staff, supplier contacts and purchasing power. Building the home that you envision can be a daunting operation, but Osborne + Storey prepares clients with accurate calculations of all potential costs and time.



With almost 100 years of combined experience, every project that Osborne + Storey embarks on follows a realistic timeline. Based on the needs of each individual proposal, we develop a responsible schedule that will not disappoint our clients. Osborne + Storey strictly adheres to our plan for a job in order to deliver finished homes ahead of schedule. We scrupulously outline every phase of a home and continuously check in on the project’s needs to assure completion. Osborne + Storey’s team delivers feedback to our clients throughout the entirety of the planning and building process to ensure our priorities are continuously aligned.



Osborne + Storey uses the finest materials in our buildings, which is reflected in the quality of our portfolio. Working with a number of high-end subcontractors, we find the most unique features that make our homes stand out. Whether utilizing rare reclaimed timber, striking glass installations or exotic stone Osborne + Storey’s projects display a curated style that is unmatched by other custom homebuilders. Instead of only focusing on the principal building elements, we carefully choose our partners to guarantee each home is individually tailored to perfection.