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About Us

Osborne + Storey is a collaboration between two companies that excel in every aspect of the building process. We provide exceptional homes created by a team of subcontractors who are immensely qualified in their individual fields, as well as full-time employees who are able to self-perform a variety of tasks. Osborne + Storey outweighs all expectations as a custom homebuilder that is attuned to every need of our clients. Each home is an architectural achievement, unique in its features and unmatched in its quality. Beginning with the house designs and continuing with maintenance over the entirety of the building’s life, Osborne + Storey is committed to creating the exclusive home of your dreams.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Osborne + Storey will take the time to understand a client’s vision and translates that idea into a home that they love. By studying the wants of the homeowner and the plans of the architectural and design teams, our company focuses on every individual aspect of the project. Throughout the entire building process, Osborne + Storey actively communicates with the client to make sure that everything they visualized for their home is created to their specifications. By looking at each individual aspect of the home, from the glasswork to the cabinet finishes, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that each homeowner receives their ideal residence.

Scrutinized Credibility

Osborne + Storey’s exemplary reputation means we must adhere to the high standards of a company that takes on large government contracting projects. There is incredible oversight on each of our work sites to ensure the safest, fastest building process. Osborne + Storey and our subcontractors are continually vetted, including a detailed auditing process, in order to maintain the high standards that Osborne Construction has set in the building world.

Financial Strength

Osborne + Storey has a demonstrated commitment to fiscal responsibility, not only as a business, but with all our projects. Our company makes a point of finding the highest quality elements at the best price, ensuring no money is put to waste. Osborne + Storey provides accurate timelines at the home planning stage with the aim that every element of the building process is accounted for, and custom homes are often completed ahead of schedule. Osborne + Storey, being a subsidiary of Osborne Construction, is backed by a parent company with significant resources.