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Glass Window Walls Glass window walls that incorporate a drain-system clad with custom extrusions to complement the surrounding structure. Reclaimed Steel Stairway Single spine reclaimed steel, nickel plated assembly. Custom Cast Glass Custom cast glass with integral sink and illumination. Open Staircase Steel, stone and glass fabrication creating an open staircase. Fully Integrated Cabinet A fully integrated cabinet and appliance configuration using custom veneer casework to create height with a simple feel. Oversized Glass Oversized glass with walnut furniture casement claddings and lift-and-slide doors. Detailing Wood lock mitre detailing creating a built-in finished appearance with no exposed fasteners.

Reclaimed hybrid glue-lams.
Ceiling Ceiling coffers fabricated from reclaimed 100 year old pine. Hollow beams allow for concealed ducts. Fireplace Custom limestone fireplace surround.
Osborne+Storey brings you unmatched quality and detail in home construction. Combining financial strength with over 75 years of building experience, we thrive on building complex and truly unique structures.

What We Do

We work with the top architects, engineers, tradespeople and maintenance personnel to take your project from concept to completion and beyond.

Pre-Construction & Design Support

The process of design development is a collaborative effort to articulate your aesthetic and functional vision. Osborne+Storey complements your design team by delivering reliable feedback on budget, schedule, and technical solutions, providing both the homeowner and architect with the information needed to make confident and timely decisions in alignment with your priorities.

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Site Development

If you have selected your site or are in search of the perfect setting for your home, Osborne+Storey will, when requested, provide guidance with access, water rights, entitlements, and subsurface conditions of every kind (rock to water), saving you time and money.

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Precision craftsmanship by seasoned artisans with rigorous attention to detail brings your design to life. Experienced care is taken in crafting your home, both the finishes that are enjoyed and the equally important unseen elements such as foundation, framing, and weather envelope. Osborne+Storey tradesmen and carefully selected subcontractors work with a single purpose: to create a unique, long-lasting dwelling that brings you years of comfort.

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Your home may need ongoing care while you’re away, or quick troubleshooting during a home emergency. Whatever your needs, we’ll handle them promptly with thoroughness, efficiency and your security in mind. Regular inspection and maintenance services are available to provide you peace of mind.

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Meticulous Attention to Detail

By studying the wants of the homeowner and the plans of the architectural and design teams, our company focuses on every individual aspect of the project.

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Scrutinized credibility

Our reputation is held to the highest standards of the construction industry, and has been thoroughly vetted by the government organizations that hire us.

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Financial Strength

Osborne + Storey is a subsidiary of Osborne Construction, a parent company with significant resources.

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Latest Projects

client centered approach

As the lead architect in a small firm that is committed to high touch client service and thoughtful design, I have completed three luxury homes with Osborne Living.  Like my firm, Osborne+Storey prioritizes the client's interests and experience above all other concerns.  When this client centered approach is combined with craftsmanship, experience and knowledge, the result is an exceptional project that exceeds client expectations every time.
  More than any other builder with whom I have worked, Osborne+Storey brings the deepest knowledge and the highest level of craft to every aspect of our projects.  They have the capacity to foresee the integration of highly complex systems of all kinds and coordinate trades and design construction sequencing so that construction advances smoothly and expeditiously.  They have the skills and experience to execute trades with the highest level of precision and accuracy so the final product is always flawless.    If I can imagine it, they can build it.  

- Richard H. Childress, POINT ARCHITECTS

Incredible Attention to Detail

Gary Storey built my personal residence in Ketchum. Idaho. As part of that process I have been inside several other homes built by Gary Storey. Everyone of those homes, including my own, is characterized by incredible attention to detail, remarkable craftsmanship‎, and unique materials and design elements. The end result in each case is an awesome showplace.
  During the construction process Gary Storey is a wizard at resolving the complex construction problems that inevitably arise.

- Miles Stanislaw

The Utmost Integrity and Honesty

Gary Storey has built three personal residences for me and rebuilt my wife’s retail store (elle rose) in Ketchum, Idaho. He was instrumental in the construction and final design for all four projects. I have found him to be of the utmost integrity and honesty. Gary has the ability to assure any client that everything he builds is up to the highest standards and is available to solve any problems that may arise long after the project is completed.

- Vincent Sisilli, Eagle Holdings LLC

Job Well Done!

We have been extremely happy with the quality and attention to detail that Gary Storey and crew have exhibited throughout the modifications to the residence. Replacement of doors and windows in such a complex design, with exterior and interior materials having to be removed in some cases and reinstalled, is not an easy task, to say the least, but the final product has met or exceeded our expectations.

- Rick Chesmore, Chesmore/Buck Architecture

Our Executive Team

George Osborne


Born and raised in a construction family, George has always been passionate about the industry and high-quality craftsmanship. George has over 50 years of construction leadership experience, during which he developed an extensive background in residential, commercial and industrial construction. A Whitman College alumnus with a Bachelors of Science in Economics, George has a proven reputation for creating highly successful joint ventures and business partnerships. His expertise includes financial management, company organization, leadership and labor relations.

Gary Storey


Gary Storey is a seasoned veteran of the building industry with over 40 years of experience in both residential and commercial building. His diverse background as a draftsman, carpenter, cabinet maker and project manager gave him the foundation to become a uniquely skilled and truly attentive developer. His career spans over 100 luxury residential projects, as well as numerous large-scale commercial buildings spanning over 40,000 SQ FT. Having developed projects in many different states, Gary is attune to navigating the spectrum of local, state and federal administrations. However, his greatest asset is his ability to work with people, bringing together architects, engineers, craftspeople, and laborers to achieve a smooth, timely and on-budget delivery for his clients.

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